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Git3 Command Line Tool



mac install

yarn install-mac

Git3 URI Protocol

git3://[sender_wallet]@[hub_contract_address or NS]:[chain_id]/<repo_name>
  • [sender_wallet] Optional, address/NS or local wallet name, the default value is default.
  • [hub_contract_address or NS] Optional, the default value is git3.w3q, that's git3 official hub contract on ETHStorage .
  • [chain_id] Optional, chain_id will follow the chain where NS by default, overrides if chain_id is specified
  • <repo_name> Required, your repo name


  • git3://git3.w3q/helloworld select default wallet, git3 official hub contract address, on EthStorage w3q network, repo name is helloworld

  • git3://myname.eth@git3hub.eth/helloworld
    select myname.eth wallet, git3hub.eth hub contract address, on ETH Mainnet chainId: 1, repo name is helloworld

  • git3://your_git3_hub.eth:137/helloworld
    select default wallet, your_git3_hub.eth hub contract address, on Polygon chainId: 137, repo name is helloworld

  • git3://0x0068bD3ec8D16402690C1Eddff06ACb913A209ef:56/helloworld
    select default wallet, 0x0068...9ef hub contract address, on BSC chainId: 56, repo name is helloworld